Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Still keeping on the Protein/Veg/Bean diet.
Thinking about adding a work out function to it.
Can't wait til Saturday. (cheat day!) Got it all planned out. lol

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is my first post on my first blog. Mostly I imagine this will be me talking to myself in diary form but I think I'm ok with that. Technology is good. We must move forward. I also imagine this as a designated safe place for me since this "diary" is basically no man's land. Because of this I have no reason to be ashamed. No reason to cheat here.

I live in Roxboro, NC. I'm currently enrolled in Mycomputercareer.com. I play ukulele. I spend way too much time online doing absolutely nothing.

Today, I'm starting the 'Slow Carb Diet' as championed by Tim Ferriss in his book 4 Hour Body. I read it over the last week and I'm excited/anxious.

Today I'm starting off this morning with a black bean and mixed veggie omelet with EB organic eggs (2).

Tracking your own progress over the course of a diet is supposedly a good way to better your chances of actually succeeding. Devoting an actual blog to the next couple weeks of diet-y goodness is probably overkill when Evernote could've done the job but I figure, what the hell. 
And yes, I do imagine this will hurt.